PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 20

$ 6.505,80

The PS Audio DirectStream Power Plant 20 is in perfect condition with no dents, never repaired before and was slightly used. Comes in Original Packaging.

Brand: PS Audio
Type: DirectStream Power Plant
Model: Power Plant 20
Condition: 9/10



Built in Boulder
2000 VA output
Passively cooled
40% more power
3X lower impedance than any Power Plant yet
Can deliver up to 70 amps peak from internal storage

16 outlets US
15 amp AC input US
20 amp AC input US
120 volt regulated US
Range 95 – 145 VAC US
13 EU/AU/GR/UK outlets
10 amp AC input EU/AU/GR/UK
230 volt Regulated EU/AU/GR/UK
Range 200 –285VAC EU/AU/GR/UK
100% regenerated AC


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